Alton Kamadon: Founder Of Melchizedek Method

By Parveen Chopra

Alton Kamadon, known the world over as the founder of the Melchizedek Method, is a clairvoyant channel and spiritual teacher. On the eve of his visit to India in November 2002, Sydney-based Kamadon holds forth on this most modern yet most ancient spiritual science

alton kamadon founder of the melchizedek method

Alton Kamadon, its founder, explains: "It's now an established fact that love allows us access to high energy levels of pure life and pure love. The Melchizedek Method allows us to align ourselves with the heartbeat of the universe. This creates a balance between the body and mind and leads to internal peace and moksha."

Kamadon calls the Method a holographic healing modality: "It uses the Vedic concept of the body's holograms, or high-powered energy centers. It uses thought extension to awaken these vibrations. It has been my experience that all health disorders have their root in thoughts and similarly thoughts have the potential to dissolve these irregularities in the body. Regulating thought is a simplified way of spiritual growth and personal healing."

The Method derives from the spiritual pool of the world-Hinduism, Christianity, Mayan, Hebrew and ancient Egyptian beliefs. Kamadon himself was initiated into the Method in 1997 by the Ascended Master Thoth, a great spiritual teacher and deity in ancient Egypt. This master god was originally revealed to humanity as far back as the Atlantis era.

"It was he who brought us the language of light," explains Kamadon. "He is now known as Enoch. He directed me to explore many spiritual teachings."

Thoth told him: "The Melchizedek Method is much more than a Light Body activation, healing and rejuvenation technique. It's a whole new formula for harmony and spiritual ascension."

Kamadon was given his mission by Sathya Sai Baba in 1990. "I was earlier publishing a New Age magazine called Eagle's Wings which I shut down," recalls Kamadon. "Guided by the spirits, I decided to make this system available to all and it caught on."

The techniques introduced in his workshops are quick, simple and powerful. Beginning with a single Hologram and then into a Triple Hologram in Level I, the teachings progress to suit the pace of spiritual growth through Level IV. As people move through each level, they near Light Body activation.

"People are naturally attracted to the technique after hearing about it. All three levels of the Melchizedek technique lead to full manifestation of the 33rd degree Adam Kadmon Light Body. This has the ability to take on any form necessary to create and teach all manner of thinking creation. And it is the ultimate stage to moksha," says this clairvoyant channel.

Like other techniques of meditation, The Melchizedek Method works with your heart energy, expanding it into the unconditional love element that is the core of any human being. It involves the breaking down of decadent belief systems-social, filial, of repressions that throng our past and present lives-advancing into the free and united state of expansive consciousness, to discover the Divine in ourselves.

Kamadon continues: "Once you have learnt the Method, the daily routine is not more than two or three minutes each morning, several times in a day if you choose to. This is eternal light, with no beginning and no end. We can amplify so much light around our body to become immune to illnesses. The light dissolves all negative energies and emotional blockages. Lesser known is the fact that this method raises the kundalini gently with the vibration of love."

Activating the Light Body manifests the spherical consciousness, as opposed to the linear state it is in normally. The eternal light is incorporated into the body cells and stimulates healing. Adds Kamadon: "There is also new information that it reprogrammes the cell memory of your body so that you can manifest any type of body you want.''

During his workshops on the evolving The Melchizedek Method, Kamadon relates many of his own miraculous experiences as well as of others who have used these techniques. For instance, he says: "I had two burns on my hands, which healed within 30 minutes through holograms."

He nurses the hope that the teachings he has received can expand and embrace all those who are committed to raising the conscious vibration of humanity. "We have the potential to create miracle healings," he believes. "During healing workshops, diseases like cancer are successfully trounced. We can even hope to eliminate AIDS in future."

He is satisfied with the progress of his mission: "The Melchizedek Method originated with me in Australia. It then grew and spread from a few hundred to many thousand people in the world. It has changed a lot of people's lives and that's why they keep at it. As I guide them from one level to the next, I watch them mature spiritually."

As for India, where he is assisted by Chennai-based Saranya Zaveri, he plans to return as often as he can. After all it was here that he met Baba Muktananda, his first spiritual teacher.

"I was never interested in western religion and philosophies. I was more into eastern religion and philosophies. In 1989, I had the darshan of Sathya Sai Baba several times. I studied sitting meditation with Gurumayi, and also learnt from Swami Chidananda. Shirdi Sai Baba came to me on a higher plane of existence," says Kamadon.

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