Astral Protection with the Melchizedek Symbols

The Melchizedek Symbols is a set of system, which helps to reawaken our connection to the outer source and the inner source essence within. The symbols are already within us. It is you, the symbols is you. So how can the symbols help us to protect against astral entities?

We must first understand that astral entities cannot hook on to us unless we have a loophole. This loophole comes to us whenever we have any fear based thinking, for example, the fear of Ghost, the fear of poverty. All these are just some of the zillions of fear-based thinking that we have. The process of hook on works in such a way. When someone have a fear based thinking, this is like throwing a big piece of meat to some hungry lions. So all these will become the hook on agents that the astral beings are going to attack.

This is also applicable to people who are being attack by curses and voodoo. There must be an etheric tear on the person?s four bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) then can the spell hook on to the person. So therefore, these people who cast spell will normally announce that they have cast a spell so that the victim can know fear. Of course there are other means in which the spell can hook on like sexual connections and also blood relation. However, most cases when the victim is strong, the voodoo masters have to do something to impose fear..

All these hook on can be removed when the victim impose light. The more light the person gain, the individual also gain immunity against the curse. The curse will also be lifted when your light quotient exceed the curse containment. So when you believe you are cursed, do not think that it is the end of the world. Instead see light! See it as brightly as you can. The light can banish the fear and to bring the hope back. Anyone can do that, but the individual has to be the one to do the removal. This does not mean exorcism does not work; however in most cases, the spirit will still come back if the root of the hook on is not resolved. Thus it is always important to remember that the individual who is believed to be hook on must do their best to bring in the light.

After knowing the process of hook ons, we now talk about how the Melchizedek symbols can help us. In Level 3, the sun symbol is the best way to get rid of any astral beings that is not required. In fact it has the ability to remove hook on like the pomander in the aura soma system. When using the pomander, the sun symbol can be enforced for a stronger effect.

The illumination symbol in level 4 is to help amplify light to help banish and negativity. In Reiki, when using the Dai Ko myo or Chu Ku Rei, the enforcement of the illumination symbol will help to banish the unwanted beings away from the client. The Dai ko myo is to heal the person and the illumination provides a canopy of light.

The Dispel symbol can help to transmute and dissolve any astral barrier. So when using the Language of light system, one can use the jurisdiction symbol for boundaries setting, and cast the dispel symbol to help to dissolve anything outside the shield. When clearing astral beings, in the Melchizedek symbols system, the Sun, Cleanse and Dispel symbol helps to create a absolute protection to remove all the negativity and to bring back the light into the victim. This is a very useful way to remove the astral being.

All these methods are the example of how you can use the various modalities you have learnt with the Melchizedek Symbols. Like what my partner says, "How can GOD compete with GOD?" The Melchizedek Symbols support all modalities and even for its brother tree, when clearing astral entities with the Melchizedek Method, the Sun symbol can be added to speed up the process of removal and regeneration of the victim.

These are some ways the Melchizedek Symbols can clear astral beings and how the symbols do it. Remember there are many ways to GOD and all ways merge into one. With the love and light of GOD, may more discovered in the true essence of the source. Namaste

By Rev. Khemery and the source

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