Messages From The Inner Sanctuary

Inspirational quotes from within. Created by lily Moses....
Music by galalisastar. Thank you to all unknown artists.

Reality is'nt solid like we think it is.
It is shaping & shifting accordingly to our thoughts

Light is Information & Love IS creativity
One must first be informed before one can create

Surrender your mind to your true identity
let thy heart be your focus

There are only two emotions.... love & fear...
What is not an expression of love is an expression of fear

Constantly filling our cup with love we find a natural desire in wanting to share it... when sharing it with one another we become more of who we truly are... for it's in the giving that we receiveth...

We are like ocean drops & we are awakening to the fact that we are part of the ocean of love

Love appears to be the end of the journey yet it is only the beginning

The quicker the vibration the lighter one feels, the slower the vibration the heaver or discontent one feels

One of the most important keys to the spiritual path is service...
Just being kind to one another is an act of service

Happiness is our natural state of being...
It is our divine inheritance

God is love & love in it's hapiness creates in order to share all of it's gifts with it's creation

In loving service


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