The Adam Kadmon Body

To many the term Adam Kadmon may seem alien and even unable to be understood. Thus the purpose of this article is to inform the reader on what is the Adam Kadmon body. The term Adam Kadmon first arrived to earth in the book 'The keys of Enoch'. In this book the writer J.J Hurtak , mentioned the Adam Kadmon body as the perfect body of man and the first creation of human in that form. That is why the term Adam was there.

The Word Adam is the name of the first man created by the source. Thus his body, which is the Adam Kadmon body, is the perfect body. Then, from there his genes were used to make Eve, which is the Eve project. So one might question do we have the Adam Kadmon body like Adam does. The answer to this question is both yes and no. Why is it so? The Adam kadmon body was in fact being separated into 12 levels of dimension when it was banished from the garden of Eden. This body then now subjects itself to the life and the problem if the 12 dimensions. Earth being one of the dimensions is where our physical body lies. However there are more like Astral body, light body, Sacred Geometrical body, in various dimensions. These bodies would then master which realm of existence before reforming the Adam Kadmon.

The Adam Kadmon is seldom being taught in many of the schools of spirituality and what it is no one bothers to know. However there are certain truths we must know about the Adam Kadmon. Firstly, the Adam Kadmon body is the DNA of GOD. This is GOD when creating the first man extracted his energy from his energy matrix to create the first man. So when this man is created from the energy matrix, it becomes the Adam Kadmon. That is also one of the reasons why there is the flower of Life. The Flower of life, which comes from the seed of Life, is the DNA of GOD. Thus all creation is the energy of GOD. That is why thousands of spiritual writers says that we are the Sons and daughters of GOD. We are also GOD! This is the reason why. However this GODhood is being separated into 12 seperated essence and thus we need to rejoin the 12 essence to create the Adam Kadmon.

Which now comes to my next point why the knowledge about the Adam Kadmon is important. The reason is that for people who are attune to higher spiritual practice, connecting to source is a very important task. However how many of you know the importance of the Adam Kadmon? I ask this question not as a challenge but to now clarify certain information that I always hear. When we connect to source, we have to be in our Adam Kadmon body. The reason is because a separated body can never take the light and vibration of the true source energy. This will cause an instant spontaneous combustion. Only the Adam Kadmon can meet the energy of the true source.

Most of the time people say they connect to the source, it is true. They are connecting to the essence of GOD within them. This is called the inner kingdom of GOD. Therefore to expand this connection to the one true source, they have to do a step further. They can connect to the one true source in a safe way that is by combining the 12 essences to become the Adam Kadmon. Only then can they merge with the one true source. The Adam Kadmon Body is joined in the void and from there the body can then move into the upper dimensions of GOD, which is the GOD source level. Then can we consider ourselves fully merge with source.

The study of the Adam Kadmon body is highly esoteric information. However for people who are really interested in connecting to the true source, it is good there is awareness to the Adam Kadmon. This is because the Adam Kadmon is the only light body that can withstand the high frequency of the source without being over burn. Why? It is because it is a part of GOD. Namaste

By Rev. Khemery and the source

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