The Age of Light

Light is information and love is creativity.

One must first be informed before one can create.

Cosmic Mind Grid of Light and Information

We live in an information age and information is everywhere. It is stored within everyone and everything. There is information within the very air that we breath. We exchange information with everyone we come in contact with. We impart it non verbally through our energetic fields. One way we receive information is by observing body language. We even pick up the feeling that is being conveyed behind spoken words; we often know when something that someone is saying just dosen`t feel right. Understanding information as light is a good point if we are to survive the intense download of information, not only via the internet, but also from the cosmos through cosmic radiation/information.

Information from people is somewhat different to information from nature. The difference being, that we humans have free will to do with the information as we see fit. There are two kinds of information in this world. There is information that uplifts and brings people together, liberating them out from mere physical survival and into discovering who we truly are. The second being mis-information or simply not informing people to what is truly going on. Mis-information is based on fear in an attempt to control worldly situations, natural resources and to keep people isolated from discovering life`s purpose and mission. How do we know which type of information is true? By detecting whether it feels right for you. Is this information helping raise humanity to a new way of being based on love, co-operation and co-creation with God/Goddess All That Is?

holographic information - age of light

We find ourselves in a world of form. Everyone and everything is in form. We are in-form-ation or animated thought. Information is light so it would seem to mean that everthing is light. We are light or carriers of love, for information can be about love and how to extend it or share it.

Life is information and not by any artificial means like computers. Computers are a glimpse of a universe of living information. Once we let go of external stimulae, we open up to information/light, re-claim-in our divine inheritance as sovereign beings of light.

~ By emanuehl

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