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Holographic Music of the Spheres

The album "Music of the Spheres (432 Hz)" is made in accordance with the Pythagorean tuning and universal harmonies.Meditating to "Music of the Spheres (432 Hz)" will activate each of your energy centers and increase feelings of harmony and well being. Listening to the music, especially with headphones, while falling asleep will greatly improve your sleep quality as well. Listen to the music regularly to experience it's amazing effect.

While meditating to this music you can visualize the image of an infinite holographic sphere with the flower of life pattern above your head. Feel the energy of unconditional love flowing throughout your entire being, infinititely expanding inwardly to infinity.

"In this world of duality, our life constantly shifts between the logical left-brain and the creative right brain. In fact, the very structure of our brain keeps us in duality. We cannot transcent our own brain but we can re-condition it to act as one. And the best tool for realising this purpose is Sacred Geometry". ---Chitra Jha

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