The Meaning of 11:11

Eleven-Eleven 11:11

In Numerology Eleven is a master number, a master number possess more potential than other numbers. Eleven is known as the psychic's number and most intuitive of all numbers. It is considered to be the number of the spiritual messenger, a wake up call hence why you have seen it appear on digital clocks. A wake up call to what? You might say that 11 are two ones, united to form pillars (union of the male and female within) to the Heavenly Gate or the exact equal and opposite frequency, hence why 11:11 is the perfect symbol for twinflames. The 11:11 can be seen as communication between two people and a wake up call you sent to yourself as a reminder of your true purpose here on Earth.

The 11:11 represents a doorway, a crack between worlds and the potential of linking two equal yet different spirals of energy together uniting as One therefore creating a bridge into the invisible and an entirely different spiral of evolution to be experienced.

11:11 is a pre-encoded trigger causing a reactivation of our cellular memory banks hence why it tends to occur during times of heightened awareness. The appearance of 11:11 signifies that we are on the right track and aligned with our Highest Truth. It also signifies that completion of duality is near and that reunion with our twinflame is at hand.

In summary 11:11 is a wake up call to those who are dedicated to bringing the World back to love.

Interesting facts about 11:

If you multiply 1111 by 1111 you get 1234321 which represents a pyramid, eleven being a sacred number for the proportions of the Great Pyramid being that of the ratio 7:11.

Eleven is also harmonious with Pi (which is the formula for the Golden Mean Spiral, a fractal for our galaxy and universe).

So it seems 11 is of central importance in understanding the mathematical infrastructure of the universe.


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