The Universal Principle of LOVE

As with all things in Life, the "Polarity" of good and evil is prevalent everywhere, even in cyberspace, for it strongly reflects the current stage of "conscious awareness" in human nature and its Spiritually intuitive or animalistic bestial desires; a choice humans make in the scale of "Mental Polarity". Humans are constantly faced with making daily choices between good and evil; honesty or dishonesty, generosity or greed, forgiving or revenge, love or hate, etc., etc., affecting and sealing their own fate or destiny in Life. Humans are capable of turning on a dime when it comes to these "split second" choices in the twinkling of an eye.

At the moment we are living in a time that will display the very best and the very worst in humans with a increasingly widening gap between the two aspects in all levels of society as humans become increasingly polarized in groups according to their conduct and choices in Life. It is similar to the gathering and separation of wheat from the tares. It is a process of separation between the considerate and kind person from the egocentric person, the loving from the hateful, the benevolent from malevolent etc., as each will be gathered according to their choices and work. The Mental Law of POLARITY and CAUSE AND EFFECT will bundle each of them together in a Polarizing process while CAUSE AND EFFECT will cause the just compensation according to the choices. Nothing can escape THE LAW. There is a gnashing of teeth by those who have become trapped in the lower parts of human nature and who are unable to climb out of their pit. One will be blessed with a long Life while the other is in danger of becoming terminated in physical death.

[ What is labeled and experienced as Love/Hate can be understood to be a polarity. They are opposite sides of the same whole and are not separate except by degree. Hate, Fear, Violence, etc., is many degrees away from Unconditional Love, Courage, and Peace. Hate, Fear and Violence separates, divides, disunites, and causes disharmony. When does Love end and Hate begin? When does Hate end and Love begin? We always have a choice to make. ]

LOVE will not only draw and keep things together but it will dissolve that which does not adhere to its own Principle. The following is a quotation regarding The Universal Principle of LOVE that applies to all of Life and Living and enables the manifestation of physical reality in the process of affinity, adhesion, coagulation, and repulsion of atomic particles. All of are composed by the cohesion of unconditional Universal LOVE of SPIRIT that holds the Universe together. A very powerful Spiritual discourse from the Masters of the Himalayas:

"Love is, as it might be said, cohesion, or a binding force that keeps all things in relationship to their source."

"But Love will dissolve that which is not in harmony with the Universal order for it demands of everything its complete adherence to the principle of its own nature which is SPIRIT."

Few people understand the true meaning of unconditional LOVE. LOVE is the glue, that makes relationships between husband and wife, parent and child, and friendships possible. If Love is only understood in a shallow and superficial manner, the relationship becomes impossible and it dissolves. All this because of the lack of Spiritual Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom. This animal state of "Mentalism" weakens an individual's resolve in Life and living and they become moved about like pawns on the chessboard of Life and are subjected to the mental forces of wishes, wills, and efforts, of other humans stronger than their own. They act on fear, their Mind becomes dysfunctional as it enters into a survival and cunning mode (like the animals) and their dignity becomes damaged and increasing their mental stress. They become dismayed and disheartened followed by anger. The only road they may see and out of their situation is by resorting to a violent behavior and eliminating by whatever means they believe is the offending cause of their pain which underlying cause is fear.

The human Mind does not belong on the Animal Plane of Being and when it does operate on that Plane, it violates the Principles of its own Plane of Being and the Mental forces of its own nature. The person becomes straddled between the two Planes of Being and experiences the mental stress and conflict of the two Planes. The person may not be aware of his or her condition because of a lack of awareness. They may not even be aware of the various Mental Planes and states of Being that encompass reality. There is also the problem that the person in this condition may be an unwilling individual who prefers to stay in their state of misery. This type of person cannot be forced into understanding their condition. Only LOVE and patience will slowly change the individual to the point where a dialogue of trust and friendship can be developed and they are enabled to see their state of Mind for themselves. Then, and only then, can they change the condition for themselves. We can only extend our assistance to them if they are willing to accept.

The various Planes of Being affect relationships and friendships as very few people if any will share the exact same Plane of Being. The closer the relative Planes of Being are, the greater the compatibility while the opposite will increase the incompatibility of people. When Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom is understood and shared, then it becomes the central hub of all causes in every individual and like the principles of mathematics is harmony and unity accomplished and the differences become dissolved. In this state can very great things be accomplished because of mutual awareness and understanding.

  Source: http://www.pymander.com/AETHEREAL/PRINC~1.htm

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