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Message From Lord Melchizedek

Greetings Dear Ones,

It is now time to step into your power to step into your mastery and reclaim what is rightfully yours by divine birthright...

There is no-body and no-thing that you need now but to be 'Who You Truly Are' ...

You are here to serve by sharing all of your gifts Prime Creator gave to you when you were created as a spark of the Divine...
So share or shall we say emanate loving kindness, compassion, acceptance, and 'All' emanations of Love of ~ 'All That Is'.

We wish for you to be gentle with your mirrors... .. for if you break a mirror you may have seven years bad luck hmm..

Dear ones we love to humour you.. for when you laugh.. All that you have held in hiding from your 'True' and 'Radient Selves' comes falling away in a blink of an eye..

So don't go looking for it later hmm..

Dear ones be at peace and know you are free.. You are free and yet you have free will and we advise you to use it wisely...

We never judge you of your choices.. We are here to remind you of Who and What you are and can be-come...

You all have a most powerful tool at yor disposal ~ 'the breath' ...

It is your bridge to the unknown, to the invisible and to your pillar of light...

We ask you now to take in a few deep breaths...

As you breathe in more deeply... you are drawing to you more and more light as your new reality...

A few moments of deep conscious breathing a day is all it takes in making one feel more 'Alive' with life-force energy...

Conscious Breathing (The Rainbow Bridge) draws to you light pockets of information.. of the language of light and the language of Love... simultaneously locking in and activating all sacred light geometries and that of lightbody to be-come manna-fest!

You have free will dear ones and as we have said 'choose wisely' ..

We advise you to see yourselves not as dense physical matter (in which reality is a densification of light) btut that of light-form itself (lightbody) and All will be drawn to you synchronistically in support of your new permanent reality.

Always In The One~Heart

I Am Melchiedek


Channeled through ~Emanuehl

Music ~ 'Crown - Oneness ' (Angelic Chathedral Choir Version)

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This book contains mantras and meditations, along with visuals to help heal the heart with love, compassion and appreciation of who we all are as one in creation. Thought, words and visuals can and do heal the individual. Suzie teaches that in healing yourself; you will heal all that is around you. The intentions of this book are to help the reader find their own truth in who they really are, as we all are, as a being of great love and compassion coming from the Divine Love and Light of God.

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